Twin pregnancy as a result of assisted reproduction

What are the chances to expect twins after an assisted reproduction treatment? 70% of pregnancies in Spain are achieved thanks to assisted reproduction techniques with an outcome of single babies while 30% are multiple pregnancies. In this rate, most of them are twin pregnancies and in just 1% of the cases three eggs are fertilized. … Read more

In Vitro Fertilization cost: what factors do affect the price?

The cost for In Vitro Fertilization is an important element to take into consideration when looking for an Assisted Reproduction center. When a woman or a couple decides to go through an assisted reproduction treatment in order to achieve the pregnancy, one of the first steps consists of seeking information about the fees from several … Read more

Egg donation success rates

The Egg donation success rates are usually very high, the possibility of getting pregnant on the first attempt is an average of 60% and it can reach up to 90% in the following cycles. Egg donation or IVF with egg donor is a kind of fertility treatment that allows many women who cannot get pregnant … Read more