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Your pregnancy success study in Eva Clinics

The Pregnancy Success Study has been developed in Eva Clinics and it allows determining the expected success percentage of the treatment for your concrete case. We will previously deliver this study to you before performing the treatment.

Fertility Treatments of celebrities

Currently there are more women that choose the fertility treatments to achieve their dream to get pregnant. Do you know which celebrities used these techniques to have a child?

Recommendations from the transfer until the Beta day

Recommendations from the transfer until the Beta day

The embryo transfer is a crucial step of In Vitro Fertilization. Then there is the beta waiting time which is the moment from embryo transfer until the Beta day. Do you know the recommendations to follow within this period?

Frozen embryo transfer and ivf

Frozen embryo transfer and ivf

The embryo transfer is the last and crucial step of In Vitro Fertilization treatment. In this procedure both fresh and frozen embryos can be used. Do you know which one provide higher success rates?

Everything about beta-HCG, “pregnancy hormone”

Beta-HCG hormone is synthesized only for pregnant women and is produced starting from the embryo implantation into the uterus. When and how beta- HCG is measured? Which HCG levels are required to detect pregnancy?

How much waiting after a failed treatment?

Do you know how long is required to wait after obtaining a negative beta result? The waiting time can vary depending on the specific treatment; we tell you more about it.

Ball exercises for pregnant women

Do you know the benefits about doing Pilates ball exercises? It is an ideal option to keep you fit without big efforts and it will help you to strengthen your muscles for the labor. We give you useful advice.

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How To Survive The Two-Week Wait?

The Two-Week Wait, as colloquially referred to, is the time between the last phase of the fertility treatment – the embryo transfer or the intrauterine