Food that improves female fertility

If you are looking for a pregnancy it is important pay attention to your diet. Do you know all the necessary nutrients contained in the food which can help you to get pregnant? Take note of some foods that improve fertility.

The worst enemy for a woman or a couple who desire having a child are fertility problems. Assisted reproduction treatments help in this case achieving that desire. Besides, there are natural solutions to prevent this kind of problems and there are foods that improve female fertility. If you are looking for pregnancy we recommend you to take note of this food that could help you having a baby, diet and fertility are strictly connected.

What are the foods that improve fertility?

When you look for a pregnancy is important considering a series of special advices. It is recommendable including a diet with some foods with necessary nutrients to improve the oocyte quality as the embryo implantation and foetus development. Take note of some foods that improve fertility.

Fibre: It is very good to support fertility and foetal development besides avoiding the risks of polycystic ovary. Some foods with an high level of fibre are cereals, artichokes, spinach, chards, almonds and plums.

Iron: is important its storage before conception because if you have a low level of iron at the beginning of pregnancy the risk of suffering anaemia after labour increases. Include in your diet: red meat, lentils, soya bean, spinach, chards or clams.

Antioxidants: to protect body cells from damages caused by free radicals that attack cells damaging DNA and mitochondria. Where it can be find? In foods like: orange, lemon, kiwi, melon, redcurrant, blueberries, strawberry, plum, nuts, garlic, broccoli, cauliflower, red and green pepper, tomatoes and spinach.

Vitamin B: is an hormone producer, very important for fertilisation, for the arrival of the egg to the uterus and for the baby development. Some foods rich in vitamin B are legumes, cereals, bananas, eggs, sardines and lamb.

Omega 3 fatty acids: essentials for hormonal balance, immune system, the ovaries health, eggs and sperm. Among foods that improve fertility we recommend the consumption of prawn, canned clear tuna, salmon or catfish.

Zinc: contributes to cell division performed during the process of foetus development, while its lack can decrease the production of healthy eggs. Zinc can be find in lean meat, chicken, fish, eggs, cereals, ginger and brewer’s yeast.

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