Honey bee to improve fertility

Certainly you already know the several honey benefits and its healing properties. Do you also know that honey bee can improve fertility? You have to add it to your healthy food list!

Certainly more than once you have heard your grandmother mentioning the several honey benefits, and she was right. Honey bee is a food with many positive effects for the organism and it has used for century thanks to its healing properties as well as its sweetness. Did you know that among its properties there is a lot of elements which contribute to improve fertility?

What are the honey bee properties?

It is worth mentioning that organic raw honey contains more properties so is more recommendable and tastier. Among all the elements which aid fertility, the most effective is pollen bee.

Honey bee is a powerful stimulating of the sexual hormones production, in men and women, and it also has the power of balancing the glandular ability. Raw honey can be used as medication for men who suffer impotency problems and women with infertility problems.

The fact that honey bee can improve fertility has been confirmed in a study, in which 40 infertile men were analyzed and were provided with pollen bee. Results demonstrated a general health improvement, an increased libido and a bigger sperm production. On the other hand, in the case of women, a group of them with irregular periods were analyzed.

After regularly consuming honey bee, a marked improvement was recorded, including a total regularization of the menstruation.

Pollen bee contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals for health and reproduction. We would like to remind you that raw honey is better because is more natural and effective, even better if it is of local origin. We recommend you visit local markets to find organic and fresh products.

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