Fertility Treatments of celebrities

Currently there are more women that choose the fertility treatments to achieve their dream to get pregnant. Do you know which celebrities used these techniques to have a child?

Assisted reproduction is no longer a taboo subject and every time there are more women that use these techniques to achieve their dream to get pregnant. Many celebrities with or without couples also opt for undergoing some fertility treatments to have a child due to fertility problems or personal problems. This kind of treatments has become the solution for all those women and couples that cannot conceive in a natural way.

Which treatments have celebrities undergone?

The latest actor who decided to use a fertility treatment to have a child was Mónica Cruz. The actress opted for Artificial Insemination with sperm donor to get pregnant and achieving her dream of having a baby even without a permanent partner. This is the ideal option for all those women like Mónica Cruz who want to be single mothers, or those women with a female partner.

Artificial Insemination with a donor is an assisted reproduction technique where they used the sperm from an anonymous individual which is a safe donor, from the  sperm bank, and then is injected into the uterus or cervix by a special cannula. It is a simple and efficient treatment considering that injected sperm is of good quality and there are higher success possibilities.

The list of celebrities that have used assisted reproduction is characterised by more names. The presenter Jacqueline de la Vega, after many miscarriages and after changing partner she achieved motherhood at the age of 42 thanks to the help of assisted reproduction techniques.

The twins of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were also conceived by Artifial Insemination, adding six children to this big Hollywoodian family. Paulina Rubio is another celebrity who became mother by In Vitro Fertilisation treatment, or the bride of USA Julia Roberts or the international singer Celine Dion.

Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband Matthew Broderick after the impossibility of getting pregnant, decided looking for a surrogacy and another noted case is that of Miguel Bosé, who is already father of two twins with the help of surrogacy.

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