Mini IVF or Minimal Ovarian stimulation

Mini IVF is a cheap and less invasive assisted reproduction treatment. We will solve all your doubts about this treatment.

Mini IVF or Minimal Ovarian stimulation is an assisted reproduction technique in which sperm and eggs are put together using advanced techniques to create better embryos. Differently from other treatments there is a lower ovarian stimulation because the natural cycle of the woman and their hormones are used so less medication is required.

For whom is this treatment indicated?

  • Women with a good ovarian reserve.
  • Patients with gonadotrophin ( Adverse reaction to hormonal stimulation).
  • Patients with a high risk of suffering ovarian hyperstimulation.
  • Candidates for intrauterine insemination which desire a more effective treatment.
  • Women which want to restrict the number of created embryos and don’t want to cryopreserve their eggs and/or embryos.
  • With Mini IVF lower eggs and embryos are obtained.
  • Women with a low ovarian reserve. On many occasions, patients with a little reserve produce the same quantity of eggs with the Traditional IVF as that with gentle stimulation and the quality is independently similar to the used treatment. The objective is obtaining quality eggs and reducing medication side effects.

Differences between Mini IVF and In Vitro Fertilisation treatment

They are two similar treatments; the difference is in the medication quantity used in stimulation process. Using lower medication treatments costs are reduced. With a comparison table we will see the differences between two treatments.

Mini IVF is a little invasive treatment with a minimal recovery time of the patient. The medication dose is lower so patients hardly perceive side effects related to the use of fertility medications.

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