Egg Vitrification after overcoming cancer

Egg Vitrification after overcoming cancer

Eva Clinics participates in the “Women’s race” in Girona on 23 and 24 September to fight the cancer and raise awareness on Egg vitrification for all those women who want to become mothers after defeating the disease.

Every year thousands of women suffer from breast cancer which is classified as the most common tumor in Western women. They are not only forced to face this difficult and hard diagnosis but they also have to deal with the consequences of radiotherapy and chemotherapy on their ovarian reserve.  Oncological treatments can decrease or destroy their fertility.

Nevertheless, the Egg Vitrification which is a revolutionizing treatment in reproductive medicine allows preserving fertility as well as the possibility of becoming a mother after overcoming cancer.

How is it possible preserving female fertility through Egg vitrification?

Egg vitrification allows preserving fertility in women who were diagnosed with cancer in their reproductive age. The treatment consists of freezing oocytes in ultra-fast way instead of using the standard freezing method. The purpose is avoiding damaging the oocytes and diminishing their quality. The oocytes are exposed to a temperature which is suddenly reduced from initial 22°C to -196°C. This cooling rate avoids the formation of ice crystals which can damage cellular structures.

Egg vitrification helps preserving the eggs in order to become a mother after cancer.

Free Fertility Preservation Plan at Eva Fertility Clinics

Thanks to our commitment in making Assisted Reproduction a more democratic field so that anyone has to give up on their right to form a family, at Eva Fertility Clinics we offer a Free Fertility Preservation Plan. We are aware of the irreversible damage that radiotherapy or chemotherapy treatments can cause to fertility, so this is a suitable initiative for anyone who wants to preserve their fertility with guarantees to have children in the future.

Eva Clinics join the Women’s race in Girona

Eva Fertility Clinics join the pink crowd and participate in the Women’s race which takes place in Girona on 23 and 24 September. We will be at our stand to inform all the participants about the advantages of preserving fertility and being a mother in the future. Come and visit us!

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