Ball exercises for pregnant women

Do you know the benefits about doing Pilates ball exercises? It is an ideal option to keep you fit without big efforts and it will help you to strengthen your muscles for the labor. We give you useful advice.

Pregnancy requires special care. Look out for your health during the gestation period it will help you and your baby. It is important to drink a lot of water to keep you hydrated, follow a balanced diet and practice sport regularly and moderately. In regards to sport activity, a great choice would be doing exercises with a ball for pregnant women.

Benefits of doing ball exercises for pregnant women

During the gestation period doing ball exercises provides different benefits. This activity is a combination of gymnastics, yoga, ballet and kinesiology. There are innumerable options of movement with Pilate’s ball, it is useful to practice breathing and strengthening the perineal muscles, back muscles and abdominal muscles without damaging these parts, as well as the muscles of the pelvis and knees which are susceptible during pregnancy.

Pilates ball is a good ally of pregnant women from the third trimester or sixth month of pregnancy. Besides helping to keep a good physical condition it will help to train the flexibility of your muscles when giving birth to your baby. The main advantages of this activity are:

  • Avoiding backache.
  • Encouraging sleep: improving breathing and circulation with an exercise routine.
  • Prevent the formation of varicose vein.
  • Improving the pregnant woman health

Examples of ball exercises for pregnant women

  • Exercises for backache: Lie backwards on the ball massaging your low-back pressing on the ball. Realize small and safe movements to reduce the pain.
  • Breathing exercises: Sit on the ball; put your hands behind your head and pull your elbows upward. Don’t forget to keep your pelvic floor muscles tight to gain strength and balance. It favors the opening of the chest cavity that improves breathing.
  • Stretching exercises: Sit on the ball, join your hands and stretch your arms upwards. Hold on a few seconds in this position and then relax and lower the hands slowly until they touch your head.
  • Stretching exercises for the legs: Sit on the ball with your legs open, stretch your right leg with the sole of your foot, bend the left leg to 90 degrees and put the left foot on tip of the toe. Repeat and interchange movement with two legs.

Thanks to these series of ball exercises for pregnant women is a way possible to possibly keep a total body elasticity and you won’t add on so many kg besides improving the way of breathing and your general health condition.

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