The ABC of ultrasound. What do the initials mean?

What do the initials and abbreviations sonograms mean? We will show you how to interpret the most common abbreviations and initials to get ready for your first ultrasound.

The ABC of ultrasound. What do the initials mean

When the woman realizes she is pregnant, she becomes familiar with terms until then unknown. Understanding the medical language is complicated, including the reproduction field, and it is not strange finding term like amniocentesis or doppler, blastocyst or stroma, which sound like Chinese. It is undeniable that new mums are very nervous, especially if the path to achieve pregnancy was complicated and finally it was possible through assisted reproduction techniques; everything is new to new mums, for example the first ultrasound that can be compared to an incomprehensible hieroglyphics. To get ready for your first ultrasound we will show you how to interpret the most common abbreviations.

What do ultrasound abbreviations and initials mean?

Ultrasounds guide future mums during the whole pregnancy process and are essential to understand how the baby progresses, thanks to the ultrasound pregnancy is confirmed, and is possible to know the number of babies they are expecting, ruling out possible fetal abnormalities and reveal the fetal growth.

We talk about the meaning of the most common ultrasound abbreviations:

  • CRL (crown rump length): is the distance expressed in millimeters between the top of the head (crown) to the bottom of the buttocks (rump). This measurement is taken between 7 and 13 weeks of pregnancy and can be used to estimate gestational age and due date.
  • DPD (biparietal diameter): from one side to another of the head; measurement given in millimeters.
  • LMP (last menstrual period): determines the date of last menstruation of the future mum.
  • EDD: estimated date of deli