Egg Vitrification allows you to become a mother after a cancer experience

Eva Clinics participates in the “Women’s race” to fight the cancer and raise awareness on the options offered by Egg vitrification for all those women who want to become mothers after defeating the disease.

egg vitrification

Eva joins in with the pink crowd to run for the Women’s race in Barcelona. Thousands of women suffer from breast cancer every year; they are not only forced to face this difficult and hard diagnosis but they also have to deal with the consequences of radiotherapy and chemotherapy on their ovarian reserve.  This kind of treatments can decrease or destroy their fertility forever.

Fortunately, thanks to Egg Vitrification technique, the fertility can be preserved as well as the possibility of becoming a mother after overcoming cancer.

What does Egg vitrification consist of?

This revolutionary advance in assisted reproduction allows preserving the women’s fertility who received a cancer’s diagnosis in their reproductive age. This technique consists of freezing oocytes in ultra-fast way by placing them in liquid nitrogen at -196°C before undergoing the oncological treatment. Thanks to the freezing speed, the formation of ice crystals is avoided and the cellular structures of the eggs are not damaged. In this way, maternity can be preserved with some guarantees such as giving the woman the chance to become a mother after cancer. Another advantage of this option is that the woman will be able to have children even after many years from freezing her healthy eggs.

Is it possible to prevent breast cancer?

WHO (World health organization) suggested that there are different manners to reduce the risk of suffer cancer. Firstly, it is essential conducting a healthy lifestyle by avoiding bad habits such as inactivity, tobacco and alcohol. Moreover, a balanced diet and regular physical exercises are recommended to avoid overweight issues. On the other hand, regular check-up are necessary to keep our health under control and be able to recognize breast cancer symptoms in time.

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