How to distinguish between implantation bleeding and menstruation?

ne of the main symptoms suffered by woman when the embryo is implanted into her uterus is a light bleeding which can be confused with the menstruation. Here are the main differences with the period arrival.

One of the main symptoms suffered by woman when the embryo is implanted into her uterus is a light bleeding, also known as “spotting” (similar symptom to pregnancy). If the woman is looking for pregnancy observing this symptom without knowing it, becomes frightened and can confuse it with the period arrival (that means pregnancy is not achieved). So it is important to be informed about this possible symptom and most importantly understand how to distinguish it from the period in order not to panic.

Differences between implantation bleeding and menstruation?

Implantation bleeding usually coincides with the menstruation arrival so it can give you a reason for confusion but actually there are two different bleedings. The implantation bleeding occurs when the fertilized egg is implanted into the endometrial cavity,  that is into the uterus. When the embryo is attached to the uterus it may cause the breaking of little veins and arteries in the area and consequently a light bleeding may appear. Just one out of four women suffer this light bleeding otherwise in most cases it doesn’t happen

In case of spotting the main differences with menstruation are:

  • It occurs two or three days before the expected date of menstruation.
  • The bleeding is darker and browner. The amount of bleeding is relatively lighter than menstruation. Women with heavy cycles cannot doubt about that but women with lighter cycles can confuse it.
  • It lasts for about one to 3 days, but sometimes it can also last for 5 days.

If you still have a doubt consult your gynaecologist and take a pregnancy text.

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