Rita Ora has frozen her eggs to become a future mother

Rita Ora

The singer Rita Ora, in her early 26 decided to freeze her eggs one year ago. She joins the list of celebrities who have publicly announced their intention to freeze their eggs and preserve fertility such as: Norma Ruiz, Paula Vázquez, Eva Longoria and Sofia Vergara.

There are many reasons that lead women to freeze and preserve their fertility. The most surprising factor about her decision of egg freezing is probably her age (26 years old) but the twenties are the right period when the fertility reaches its peak.

What are the advantages of egg freezing procedure?

Egg freezing is the top fertility treatment which allows preserving motherhood with guarantees. It offers a solution to those women who want to fulfill their desire to be mothers in the future without worrying about the risks related to advanced age in pregnancy.

Thanks to this ultrafast freezing technique, the eggs are not damaged and the implantation rate has improved. They are maintained at -196º in liquid nitrogen until the woman decides to use them to become a future mother with the guarantee that their quality is preserved as the same moment in which they were frozen.

Egg freezing challenges the biological clock

Women are born with approximately a million of eggs. Every month, some of them develop but only one gets to ovulate, the rest naturally die. Consequently, female ovarian reserve is used throughout their fertile lifetime.

Fertility reaches the maximum peak starting from 20 and the oocytes have the ideal quality. Therefore, it is considered that the twenties are the optimal time to preserve motherhood, because the woman has quality eggs and more likely to have healthy pregnancy. Aware of this, and with the recommendation of her general practitioner, Rita Ora decided to freeze her eggs at 25. “My doctor explained to me that it was the right moment because I was healthy,” she says in an interview on the Australian program ‘Sunrise’.

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