• Eva Clinics developed EVAplan thinking of each one of our patients. We know that using an assisted reproductive treatment is an important decision which implies an economic investment and a strong emotional state while you are involved in a fertility treatment. It is of vital importance keeping that state during and after the process itself. For this reason, in EVA we want to help you with the first plan to make the maternity an easy process.
  • It is the first saving plan that will help you to succeed in pregnancy with a fixed or a cheaper price from the beginning which includes 3 In Vitro Fertilisation cycles and their freezing processes. If you get pregnant before undergoing three complete cycles, we refund you the respective amount of money.
  • A plan that allows you to plan your pregnancy with a maximum comfort and a complete calm in order to remain focused in reaching your objective: becoming a mother.  EVA will guide you from the beginning of the treatment and during its planning with constant monitoring in order to achieve your goal on having a baby.


  • We want to help you planning your pregnancy with a complete calm and comfort saving from the first time.
  • It is a special program that will help to reach your dream to become a mother.
  • It is the first saving pregnancy plan that offers you the best price.
  • You will receive a friendly and personalized service during the whole treatment.
  • The same gynaecologist will be with you during the whole treatment for your convenience.

If you require further information on our EVAplan we will immediately provide you with a free and no obligation budget in any of our clinics.

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