Finally we are the family that we always dreamed of; Our Diego junior is here!

Hello. I’m Gloria. I want to encourage all those women who want to be mothers not to give up and fight for their dream, even if life may put obstacles in front of you. Yes, you can!

Finally we are the family that we always dreamed of

I tell you my story. Six years ago, my partner and I had just married and we started to search for our first child; our dream was to become a family. After two months I got pregnant and I was so happy! But our joy didn’t last long because they detected me with an ectopic pregnancy, it was too late and had me go through an emergency surgery intervention, which nearly caused my death, the doctor removed me both Fallopian tubes. Yes, both of them! Two days after surgery I realized and I felt that my dream of becoming a mother vanished and I cannot explain what I felt. One minute before everything was ok and then suddenly I was overwhelmed by a great sadness. Nevertheless I was thankful for my life and because I could still be a mother by a fertility treatment.

Two years later we started our first IVF through Social Security, everything seemed fine and I didn’t have any problems (except an absence of my tubes); my uterus was perfect and my ovaries were at their peak but with the first transfer I had a biochemical miscarriage. My world…our world fell apart. We tried twice more but we were not lucky, kids didn’t stay with us.

After exhausting all the possibilities with Social Security, we decided to go to a private clinic; my only hope was to gain something during the treatment but it turned out to be the biggest disappointment of my life: I got 13 eggs but no one fertilized and turned into “our little piece of sky”. Starting from that moment I thought that perhaps I wasn’t meant to be a mother. After crying, Juan Diego and I decided not to try anymore and after a while we considered the possibility of adoption until by chance, I discovered Eva Clinics (I had listened to some spots on the radio and read something on social networks). So I went to ask for the treatments prices and to set up an appointment. Even if we had decided not to try again, I wanted to subject myself to the necessary treatments until reaching the dream of pregnancy, and I knew that my husband felt the same. We were just afraid of another negative response because it hurts.

When we went to the first appointment, my husband was very sceptic, because he didn’t want another disappointment and I was so excited to give it another try. The first impression was amazing: the doctor and the nurse were the best people in the world, very human. After the consultation we were really excited to start the path toward our Diego junior. I must confess that it wasn’t easy: the punctures, stress, anxiety, and on top of it all, one of my ovaries didn’t produce eggs so you can imagine my disappointment. Even though, Juan (doctor) and Ana (nurse) encouraged me to be optimistic. There was the possibility to stop IVF and start another one in the next cycle depending on the eggs quality produced by my only working ovary. We went on with treatment and with the puncture and we obtained 6 oocytes, 5 of them were mature and 4 were fertilized. After assessing the case and considering my history, doctor and biologist decided to transfer 3 oocytes. I was happy and worried because I knew that the following two weeks would be decisive. The wait was agonizing; I just think about the moment they would tell me I was pregnant. On the 16th October was that day, from our three champions only one stayed with us, our Diego. Happiness was absolute: I cried, laughed, jumped and called my family. It was indescribable what we felt in that moment, and we were only one step away from making our dream come true.

Pregnancy was precious; we lived every moment with happiness and love. Saw and listened how the baby was growing. Nowadays it takes 20 days and the baby is beautiful. Finally we are the family that we have always dreamed of.

I just want to thank Eva Murcia for their great job, for the humane treatment (that I didn’t receive anywhere else) and their help to fulfill our dream. I will never forget the doctor’s statement “This time you are going to get pregnant” and it was true, I had my pregnancy and now I’m enjoying my motherhood.


If I had to live again everything that happened to me to have my baby, I would do it again in a heartbeat. All my tears are nothing compared to smiles that I have received since 16th October 2014.

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