“A little boy is coming and we cannot wait to see him!”

Hi everyone, I’m Arancha and I’m going to tell you my experience in this wonderful pregnancy world.

I’m at my 16th week of pregnancy and yesterday I found out he is a boy. We are happy on waiting to see him and there is little time left.

Up until now I can say I have had a good pregnancy, all tests results are positive and my baby is great and I hope it will continue in the same way. Within the first three months I didn’t have many nausea episodes and I’m fine. My body is changing; a little bit of belly is already noticeable and my breasts haves increased too.

I still can’t fell my baby, the doctor told me I will not notice anything until 20th week but I can’t wait for that day because I know it will be unforgettable.

In regards to meals, I start to eat willingly and then after a while I feel full. I was told it is normal.

Every day I’m happier that I underwent this fertility treatment in Eva Clinics and I will always been thankful for giving me the opportunity to become mother.

I would like to show and share my support to all women with problems to conceive. If you ask for information from the clinic you will achieve every women’s desire to be mother.

Thanks to Eva Clinics for letting me share my experience and for helping me to fulfill my dream.

A little boy is coming and we cannot wait to see him

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