Fertility’s Psychological Support

Fertility’s Psychological Support

Assisted reproduction treatment put in contact many women and couples affected by fertility problems with their dream of become parents. It is a process that starts with great expectations and a big hope to achieve their long wished desire, having a child.

Women and couples who desire to undergo a fertility treatment, in addition living it with high hopes, they need to be aware on how to control emotions after each attempt and to be capable to move on. When the wish to conceive doesn’t come immediately and expectations are not fulfilled, it bring on feelings such as stress, fear, anxiety, depressive mode. These feelings can push you to give up and reduce the success percentage treatment. Spanish fertility society point that 76,8% of patients that give up treatments are pushed by psychological pressures.

Undergoing a treatment temporarily determines the patient’s life, and this process sometimes can be complicated. But with our Eva Clinics you are not alone; we put at your disposal the possibility of a fertility psychological support, the advice of our fertility psychologists that will guide you during diagnostic tests, waiting for results and during and after the treatment.

The purpose of psychological support is performing the treatment in the best possible way. In addition to provide the patient’s well-being, it exercises a positive role in the final treatment result because negative experiences and their psychological consequences are associated to a less possibility of getting pregnant.

A study carried out by American fertility society revealed that women who faced a treatment with high level of anxiety ovulated 20% less, their eggs fertilizes 30% less with a 20% chance to have a miscarriage. As a result it is possible to claim that psychosocial therapies can improve the efficiency of assisted reproduction techniques. Eva Clinics rely on fertility psychologists that will provide you the necessary support teaching you how to bear the emotional roller coaster implied by an assisted reproduction treatment.


Eva Clinics experts provide support therapies adapted to each patient’s needs, guiding future parents in each phase of the process. Some examples of faced topics are:

  • Habits and relaxation techniques to reduce stress.
  • Advices to bear with a positive attitude an assisted reproduction treatment from an emotional point of view.
  • How to face a negative treatment result.
  • Beta waiting: advices and recommendations.
  • Ability to reinforce the couple relationship during the treatment.
  • Techniques to increase personal well-being and the quality of life.
  • How to tell to your child he’s an assisted reproductiom product.
  • Experiences of egg recipient mothers.


On the first visit we will study your case and the doctor will consider the most appropriate treatment for you. Our medical consultations are always free and we will inform you without any obligation. At that same time you can ask for Eva Clinics fertility psychological support.

In case you need to set up this support service the second step is getting an interview with the psychologist in order to understand your case. The expert will do an initial assessment to evaluate the couples emotional ability, stress levels and psychological resources in which they have to face the treatment.

According to this first initial assessment a psychological treatment will be proposed to follow in parallel with the assisted reproduction treatment which is personalized and adapted to the patient’s needs.

Your medical consultation is always free