Quality policy Eva

EVA FERTILITY CLINICS aims to achieve a high level of quality in the field of assisted reproduction treatments. That is why our main objective is to achieve the satisfaction of our customers by offering them the best service, through the quality of our products and the excellent attention of our employees.

In order to achieve that purpose, we have material resources and a qualified human team whose mission is always to comply with the client’s requirements and to maintain a high degree of satisfaction with our services.

EVA FERTILITY CLINICS, aware of the importance of quality and the need for a good management of resources, is committed to spread these values throughout the organisation. To this end, it implements and maintains a QUALITY SYSTEM based on the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015.

The aim of this Quality System is to guarantee the best possible fulfilment of our commitments to both funding institutions and customers, so that our services and products are more responsive to their needs.

As a permanent goal with our customers, in addition to achieving their maximum satisfaction through a quality service, the following aspects are also important:

  • Promote a process of continuous improvement of the Quality Management System efficiency.
  • Ongoing and personalized customer service, understanding their needs through fluid communication.
  • Comply with the customers’ requirements, ISO 9001:2015, current legislation and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Continuously improve our services, making a constant effort to update our knowledge in new areas that allows us to be at the forefront of our sector, anticipating the new demands and / or our customers’ needs.
  • Instruct, motivate and involve all the staff in the Quality Management System development, promoting continuous training in order to ensure a high level of qualification into our employees.
  • Use of new technologies and equipment as far as possible.


Date: 21/06/2018 
Signed: the Enterprise DG

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