In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) with donor sperm

In Vitro Fertilisation with a male donor


Eva Clinics put at your disposal not only the best experts, but also the most complete and innovative treatments such as IN VITRO FERTILISATION (IVF) with donor sperm.


IVF with donor sperm is an assisted reproduction technique that takes place in the laboratory. It is the same procedure as conventional In Vitro Fertilisation except for the usage of donor sperm. In the reproduction laboratory, the previously extracted eggs are fertilised with the sperm from an anonymous and 100% safe donor. Once the egg is fertilised it turns into proembryo and is transferred to your uterus to continue its development.

Donor sperm is selected considering your physical characteristics and those of your partner, in case you have one. This sperm sample satisfies some ideal conditions, which are about the quality and quantity, therefore the success pregnancy rate is high. Donor sperm is obtained through a sperm bank. See information about Sperm Bank.

Eva Clinics have developed The Pregnancy Success Study to establish the expected success percentage of the treatment for your concrete case. It is totally free and we will previously deliver it to you before starting the treatment in order to let you aware of the possibilities you have to achieve a successful pregnancy in every cycle.


  • Couples in which the man shows severe or irreversible sperm disorder.
  • Couples in which the man can transmit inherited diseases to the child.
  • Azoospermia cases, meaning, when the man has zero sperm in the ejaculate.
  • Couples with incompatible immunological problems.
  • Couples which, after different In Vitro Fertilisation cycles, have not achieved a pregnancy.
  • Women with a female partner
  • Single women that want to have a child.


IVF with donor sperm treatment phases are:


In the natural process of the feminine menstrual cycle women release one follicle which contains an egg. By utilizing medication we try to stimulate a controlled ovulation and also the maturation of the oocytes. The objective of the first phase of this In Vitro Fertilisation fertility treatment is to stimulate the ovary to create different follicles and to obtain more oocytes. If during this process more oocytes is achieved, the possibility of gestation is greater.


To control the number of the ovarian follicles created, we will keep monitoring the ovarian stimulation, by doing an ultrasound scan and a regular hormones analysis. When the ovarian follicles and the oocytes reach an appropriate number and size, we provide you the medication which induces the maturation of these oocytes.

36 hours are required from the medication to the planned puncture which is carried out while doing the surgery by being sedated so you will not have any discomfort during the process.

The extraction takes about approximately 10 to 15 minutes,  an, ultrasound is performed to  examine and  visualize the vagine and extract all the follicles inside which are the oocytes. Practically there is no risk of suffering disorder during this process.


Once the oocytes have been removed through the puncture, utilizing the donor’s sperm sample we proceed to the oocytes’ insemination in the laboratory using a pipette. The next day we check if the union has given rise to the zygote.


Embryo transfer is the last and decisive step of the process to obtain your pregnancy by IVF with donor sperm. It’s a crucial phase of the treatment that takes place approximately 72 hours after the follicular puncture.

Up to a maximum of two embryos are placed into the uterine cavity. The process is very simple even if it is performed in the operating room as the puncture procedure. Embryos are deposited in the uterus through a thin catheter which is made with a very adaptable material in order not to damage the walls of the uterine cavity and there is no need to be under sedation because it is a painless process.

After the embryo transfer you need to rest approximately half an hour and then you can return to normal activities bu always in moderation.

Surplus embryos of the process will be frozen to avoid repeating the ovarian stimulation process and follicular puncture, in case that you don’t get pregnant in the first cycle of In vitro fertilisation.


Approximately two weeks after the embryo transfer, a pregnancy text is performed and two options are taking in consideration which are the following:

OPTION 1. You get pregnant

In Vitro Fertilisation treatment has been successfully completed. Starting from this moment you can be discharged and kept under gynaecological supervision by your usual gynaecologist or by Eva Clinics specialized gynaecologist, the choice is yours.

OPTION 2. You don’t get pregnant

When the cycle doesn’t finish with pregnancy, the most important thing is to  lose your hope and keep calm. The fact that you don’t get pregnant during the first In Vitro fertilisation with donor sperm cycle doesn’t mean that you can’t get pregnantt during the subsequent cycles. In light of this possibility there are two options:

a. If you have frozen embryos, we can make a Frozen embryo transfer, meaning, embryos which have been cryopreserved are transferred to the uterus like in the first In Vitro fertilisation cycle. We need to also mention that preparing the uterus to receive  frozen embryos transfer is easier and if you consider that there is no need to repeat the ovarian stimulation process and the follicular puncture because it is not necessary.

b. If you don’t have frozen embryos, we go ahead and try with a second cycle which is starting an In Vitro Fertilisation process from zero.

How many IVF with donor sperm cycles can you receive?

It is advisable that you can receive  up to three IVF cycles. Eva will guide you in the most appropriate way to perform the treatment. We will assess how the first cycle went and if the assessment is correct we advise you to repeat In Vitro Fertilisation cycle.


Eva Clinics want to offer you the most competitive price on the market. In Vitro Fertilisation with donor sperm costs will vary depending on the cycle.

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