“Life is full of love for my child Diego”

Life is full of love for my child Diego
Hello, I’m Raquel and I want to tell you how my dream came true. My husband and I have been trying to be parents for more than 9 years. When we realize we could not achieve it naturally for health reasons, we submitted ourselves to different fertility treatments, IVF/ICSI (with two of them I didn’t get pregnant and with another one I did get pregnant but destiny decided that pregnancy would never reach the termination point). Nevertheless we kept looking for another solution always remaining hopeful.

We were about to give up for a subsequent health deterioration until one day we find out Eva Clinics through INVITRA fertility fair in October 2013. We were lucky to win a raffle for fertility treatment.

When we went to a medical consultation they explained the most appropriate treatment depending on our specific case. Later when I started the treatment, the gynaecologist and nurse showed us genuine interest and concern, and that conveyed security and calm; they solved all doubts giving us a friendly and pleasant service.

We were certain that this time was going to be fine. I had this feeling when we were informed about the process that they are going to utilize with egg and sperm, I don’t know why but I had the feeling that my husband and I were going to become parents.

With my husband by my side I felt comfortable, he could live the whole process and see how the dream was going to come true. Our previous experience had been long and stressed but this time it was short and relaxed. In less than two months everything was ready to bring the child into our world. During the whole treatment and pregnancy I felt protected by the clinic; they looked after me showing a great involvement with their job and concern with their patients.

One of the most emotional moment and nervousness was waiting for the anxious positive result. When they gave it to us, we were so happy that we couldn’t stop laughing, hugging and telling the news to our nearest and dearest.

During the treatment I had no problems or pain that could stop me from enjoying every moment of the life which was growing inside of me, leading a completely normal life and sharing my experience with family and friends.

My son Diego is a dream come true not only for my husband and I, but also for all people who love us and knew of our wish to become parents.


Since he’s with me, my life revolves around him not only because a baby needs a constant attention and dedication but also for the great love I feel for this little boy who fills my life. I can’t stop looking at him, caressing and kissing him. I go out for a walk and proud of my little boy; he’s the love of my life giving me the energy to move on despite tiredness and lack of sleep. My life has changed, is full of love for my son Diego.

Best regards,


Raquel, the winner of Invitra raffle tells us her experience

Raquel Payá, is the winner of the assisted reproduction treatment that was gifted through Invitra fair (the first assisted reproduction fair), is telling us her testimony after getting pregnant by our clinic. Raquel is at eight weeks of pregnancy, she’s excited and expressing her feelings on how it went through the whole process and she’s going to update us about her pregnancy development month by month. Here is her story.

Raquel, winner of Invitra raffle

I’m Raquel and I want to share the experience that I lived and that allowed me to make my dream come true. My husband and I have been trying to be parents for a few years and it wasn’t possible until today. Some months ago, we knew of Eva Clinics through Invitra, the first assisted reproduction fair. We created an immediate and satisfactory connection with the person who informed us so it was easy deciding to completely trust their team.
You can only understand the experience of a fertility treatment when you live it firsthand. I want to convey that it’s worth the effort. This is my fourth treatment and it is the only time that I could get pregnant just after deciding to give trust to this great team of experts.

Doctor Fernando Rodríguez Belmonte sought me out and advised on everything at any time and this gave me the necessary calm and serenity to believe that everything was going to be ok.
They always solved all our doubts, explaining and giving us the most appropriate treatment depending on our case, because it changes according to every couple and it’s important to trust great experts to choose the right solution.

During the measuring, puncture, transfer treatment, I felt comfortable and quiet; they were so involved with their job that I felt like I was home.

After getting my stressful waiting for the positive beta result, I’m taking care of myself and keep telling myself that I am spoiled because I have a treasure growing inside me.

I can’t say that I have the classic symptoms of the first months of pregnancy because I’m fine and I’m leading a normal life, always avoiding anything that could hurt my baby. I try eating healthy, doing exercises, going for a little walk and I try to rest more.

When I watch the ultrasound I’m so happy that I see it again and again like it was the most precious landscape ever, and his heartbeat is like the nicest melody I have ever heard.

I’m so happy and satisfied about subjecting myself to this treatment and I want to share my pregnancy development with you. I’m two months pregnant and this miracle is possible thanks to Eva Clinics fantastic team.
I will keep sharing my news on this blog. Here there is a picture of my bump.

Kind regards to everyone
Thanks to Eva Clinics for fulfilling my dream
Raquel Payá Vicente.

Raquel at 12 weeks of pregnancy

Hi everyone! (again), I’m Raquel. It’s been 4 weeks and I’m glad to say that I feel great, my little treasure keeps growing and everything is going ok.

These weeks I will be subjected to different tests and ultrasound because from the third month of pregnancy it is possible to obtain more information about the baby and we are close to discover whether it is a boy or a girl (my husband cannot wait to know). I like to be updated on his development, the weeks in which his arms and legs will eventually develop, when other little organs like kidneys and lungs are forming; his first reflex to open and close its mouth, etc. At this point, my future baby is almost fully formed and I’m surprised to discover that a 5cm or 6 cm human body can already do many functions. On the last ultrasound I saw how he moved his arms and legs as he was dancing an “Aragonese jota”.

Changes on my body are hardly considerable. I just got 1,8kg but my bump is enlarging (buttoning up my trousers is a mission impossible) and my breasts are a little bit bigger.

I observed that lunch and dinner became too much for me so I reduced the quantity of food but I don’t want to lose my brunch and snack. I think that a pregnant woman should feed for two that is different from eating for two. It is important eating what benefits both (mother and son), doing moderate exercises. For example I’m addicted to swimming, I like walking too so I enjoy it every time I go for a walk, because the weather is amazing and it gets dark later.

I want to encourage all those women and couples who desire to have a child and have some difficulties in achieving it naturally, they should subject themselves to a treatment without giving up even if they don’t get it at the first tentative. Don’t lose your hope because you can obtain good result, I’ve lived it firsthand thanks to the Eva Clinics experts. Don’t be afraid of asking information about all available possibilities to have a child. There are many women that cannot get pregnant in a natural way but there are appropriate treatments for these cases.

Being a mother is the dream of many women so you cannot give it up. I’ve achieved it at the age of 40 and I’m living the experience with hopefulness and impatiently waiting to hold my baby in my arms.

Thanks everyone for letting me share my pregnancy with you. See you next month; I hope to update you with more good news.

Regards from my 12th week of pregnancy and thanks again to Eva Clinics for the treasure which is growing inside me. Here is the picture of my bump.

Raquel Payá Vicente.

Raquel at 16 weeks of pregnancy

Hello everyone, I’m Raquel:

One month has already passed, I’m at 16 weeks of pregnancy and I feel great. My baby is growing everyday a little more, I can already see his big body through the ultrasound. All tests and analysis I’m undergoing are positive so I’m calm because I know my baby is growing healthy. You cannot imagine how emotional it is seeing his movements on the ultrasound and listening to his heartbeat seems a gift for my ears.

Many times they tried to find out if it is a boy or a girl but it doesn’t want to show itself so we have to wait a little bit more to find out.

Everyday changes on my body are more visible: my belly is beginning to stand out and my breasts have increased one size. Sometimes when I put my hand on my belly I perceive a movement inside me that is impossible to describe it. I’m not yet capable of distinguishing whether or not he’s moving, next month I will be able to.

In regard to my meals I don’t need to eat so much but I still have 5 meals a day, depending on my appetite. I keep walking everyday and I feel that I get exhausted sooner, I think it depends on the heat so I try to go out late in the evening without forcing it too much.

Undergoing this treatment in Eva Clinics was the best thing of the year so I want to encourage all those women and couples who desire a child to go ahead and ask for information to solve a possible fertility problem. The reward is gratifying and every effort to reach the pregnancy is worthwhile.

In this new period of my life I became young again, I’m conscious that my energies are not the same but I have a very good pregnancy that I feel more active and alive than before getting pregnant.

Thanks for let me share my news about my pregnancy on this blog. Next month I hope to tell you more about my baby and attracting your interest until the end of the experience.

Greetings! Thanks to Eva Clinics for this treasure growing inside me.

Raquel Payá Vicente.

Raquel at 20 weeks of pregnancy

I’m already 20 weeks pregnant, my fifth month of pregnancy, my little baby is coming soon and changes on my body are everyday more visible, my breasts have increased two size and my belly volume can be already identified as a pregnancy. Everyone is asking me about that! Sometimes I feel discomforts in the abdominal area and in the lower back, these areas are predisposed to suffer more during pregnancy (for example slight pinch, tension in the abdominal area). Everyone told me that is completely normal and generally I keep feeling good.

My husband and I have experienced the ultrasound with a great excitement; we could see every single part of my son’s body. It was really emotional watching how he was touching his face with his little hands, how he was stretching and shrinking his legs, arms and the movements of his little mouth as he was about to talk and say “Hi mom, hi daddy!”. These are really magic images.

In regard to changes on my body, during this last month I have noticed more fatigue on my legs and my feet are swelling up so I have to move more to activate blood circulation, I have to be careful to avoid problems that could become even more critical as pregnancy is proceeding.

The biggest news for this month is that we have found out that my baby is a boy so we started to think about a name.

Eva Clinics can make a note on another child born thanks to this amazing team so I insist and recommend for all those women in my same situation to give a shot because it’s worthwhile.

Goodbye to everyone. Here is a picture of my belly. Thanks for your attention, next month I will continue to share my baby’s development.

Raquel at 24 weeks of pregncy

Hi everyone, I’m Raquel. I want to share my pregnancy development with anyone who wished it for me. I’m at my sixth month of pregnancy and every time I’m more proud of my belly that is growing week after week.

My baby movements are considerable and it’s a unique and a wonderful sensation, impossible to describe. Generally, I’m having a good pregnancy and me and my baby are in good health. In my last blood test the iron deficiency was low, I have been always prone to anemia but in this special period of my pregnancy I have to be careful about food and follow my midwife instructions. Besides I have always had low blood pressure and this plus the heat caused me some nausea episodes.

With the heat coming and as the pregnancy proceeds, my legs are heavy during the whole day and a general tiredness at the end of the day. Nevertheless I keep myself active trying to win my laziness because daily exercise benefits both of us. Although I want to avoid my legs swelling up, I cannot achieve it. On some days the swelling of my feet bothers me so much that I cannot walk; swimming helps me and this week I’m going to start antenatal classes so I will learn some trick to rest my legs.

I would like to mention how it is important to me that my husband is actively involved in this process, the effort of a father having a child is not comparable with mother’s, physical side which belongs to women but it is not a good reason to force fathers aside. I would like to stress to every man that they need to focus on every single detail and try to live them intensively; in these 9 months in which they will notice changes too. We have the gift to bring a child into the world; we can live the process physically but men contribute to create this new life so enjoy it and become more involved because you have a leading role too.

As I told you in the last post, my baby is a boy and we have chosen the name Diego for him. I don’t like to choose the same name of my husband’s parents and he prefers a name that wasn’t already present in his family, so our choice was Diego.

When you start thinking about creating a family and it is not possible naturally, don’t be ashamed of asking for medical help, so they can explain you the reason for the existing problems. Thanks to Eva Clinics’ medical team I’m going to have a child so every sacrifice was worthwhile, the happiness of becoming parents deletes every negative thought you may have.

Next month I will tell you more about Diego and about my preparations for his arrival. Here is the picture of my belly on my sixth month of pregnancy.

Un saludo, Raquel.

Raquel at 28 weeks of pregnancy

Hello all blog followers,

I can tell you more about my treasure development. Diego is already 28 weeks and he’s growing normally, I enjoy his daily movements, every single kick because up until now they don’t bother me.

In the last medical examination Diego was backwards but it’s early and he can already turn around and put himself in a right position to have a natural childbirth and without complications. In regard to his weight and size, everything is normal so I’m satisfied with my good pregnancy; I wish all women were so lucky. During these months I had no discomforts (anxiety, nausea, etc) and I hope it will continue in the same way.

I’m lucky because I have gained just the right number of kilograms and changes on my body are in regards only to my belly and my breasts, except my legs swelling up, everything proceeds normally so I don’t need any special attention. It’s true that I have altered iron and thyroid levels and I have to take pills but it is not disturbing, it may happen in a common pregnancy.

I have already started my antenatal classes and I think the exercises are very useful to learn to get ready for that frightening and expected moment. Sometimes I go to breastfeeding course in order to listen to different doubts and experiences of mothers who have already breastfeed. So when it will be my turn I will already know some things that could happen to first time mothers. This calms me down and helps me not to worry about something usual that can happen to first time mothers and their babies.

I want to encourage all fathers again to take part in pregnancy preparations. It is important that they know reasons why for the actual exercises and breathing and how to act if the baby doesn’t pick up on breast, etc. We will feel more protected so leave your home and drive your partner to their lesson because it useful for you too.

We have started the preparations for the baby’s room, family and friends are helping us, this shows me that they care about him and are waiting for his arrival with anxiety. There is a general chaos in the room and in the wardrobe and drawers because I didn’t think a baby could have so much stuff and plus it’s hard for me to tidy them up. They said it’s normal for a first time mother who wants to have everything ready for her child’s arrival.

As we are in a vacation period, I wish you are enjoying your holidays and unwinding from the routine of everyday life. I know Eva Clinics team takes turns in the summer period to take care of all the couples that need information. So while you are enjoying the beach, an ice cream, a drink or a swimming pool, make room in your schedule and ask about all your doubts to have your long wished baby. I’m completely satisfied with the treatment I underwent and my baby is coming soon.

Next month I hope to tell you more about my pregnancy so I hope you stay tuned on this blog.



Raquel at 32 weeks of pregnancy

Hello all blog followers, I’m Raquel and I’m more than 7 months pregnant;

I’m on the final period of my pregnancy, I feel very heavy and I get tired quickly. It’s hard for me to be in the same position for more than 20 minutes so I have to move continuously. I spent some weeks without sleeping during the night for more than two hours straight because my baby was moving and didn’t let me rest. Every time his movements keep on getting more constant because he has less space so I can clearly perceive whatever he is doing but he doesn’t bother me, I enjoy these moments. It is an unrepeatable experience; sometimes I’m astonished looking at my belly because suddenly he’s moving and a lump is coming up. It is amazing watching a new life growing inside and it makes me smile every day.

In the last medical examination I was told that my baby’s weight is about 2 kg and everything is going fine. Besides I saw my baby’s nose clearly and he was so cute when he was moving his toes; ultrasound is like a show for my eyes.

It is important keep attending my antenatal classes and breastfeeding course; I’m learning different things that could help me in the future, for example how to act during the childbirth or how to breastfeeding. Plus, in these courses I met many parents who share their experiences with me and this calms me down. I learnt that I don’t have to get nervous or worry too much for something normal, I’m a first time mother and everything is new to me and I can be insecure when I have to make a decision or act in a particular manner.

I feel good in these months and have had had no problems or complications which stopped me from living a totally normal life, except my low iron deficiency so I have to take some daily supplements but I have been always prone to anemia and low blood pressure and plus it’s about eating healthy food and take care of my son’s welfare and mine.

I invite all fathers who are going to hold their baby in their arms to take part in the whole process because is an unforgettable experience for both of us; a child is the most special, amazing and unique gift that a couple may have. Sometimes life gives and takes away without letting you make predictions about on how to face the news, every day you learn something new; a child is the parents strength and he needs them as they need him, we need the energy he convey in us without knowing how or why.

Month after month I’m a bit more worried because I want to have everything ready for Diego’s arrival but no matter what predictions I make, I feel that I forgot something. His room is ready as his clothes in the wardrobe, his cradle, his car seat, his pushchair. I can’t wait to walk with him and show everyone this amazing gift that me and my husband are going to have.

Everyday I’m more excited about seeing my son Diego, I would like to have a normal childbirth and without complications. I would like to feel my baby from the first moment, I want to hug him and kiss until I consume him. I will never get tired to repeat to all those women who desire to be mother not to give up; I achieved it after I have been trying for seven years to have a child. Eva Clinics did not only gift me with a simple fertility treatment but also a dream, a reason to smile, a unique experience that I can say to everyone that if you don’t lose your hope and don’t stop looking for a solution, you will have that so long wanted child.

If everything goes as they expect it to, next month will be the last one that I put a picture where you can only see my belly. So I hope you stay tuned on this blog so I can share with you the last moments of my pregnancy. Here is the picture of my belly.

Raquel at 36 weeks of pregnancy

Hello all blog followers, I’m Raquel;

Now I can say that I’m in the last period of my pregnancy (at my 36th week) and I feel good, a little bit heavy and tired but I can still move around and have a normal life.

From this month I will have a medical examination every week because I can give birth anytime from now on so I have to be more monitored.

I keep going on with my antenatal classes and breastfeeding course, stay active makes me feel better and share my experience with other future mothers which is useful for everyone. Sometimes I feel insecure and a bit scared because the childbirth day is getting closer and I don’t know what is going to happen (If I get nervous, if it will take a long time or is everything going to be fine, if I will always have someone by my side, etc). Every mother I knew in the antenatal classes feels the same but talking about this helps us to stay calm.

Diego’s movements are very considerable, they don’t bother me except in the night because until he calms down I can’t sleep and some nights it takes me like an hour or an hour and a half (when I lie down on the bed he starts moving like he was on a Ferris wheel).

This week I have talked with the Eva Clinics team who looked after me during the whole treatment and I’m delighted to keep in touch with people who have made my pregnancy possible. I would like to express particular thanks to Tamar, Rosa, Ángelica e Fernando Rodríguez Belmonte for their great job, thanks to them I will have my child Diego.

You can reach Eva Clinics everywhere in Spain (the clinic is expanding rapidly) and I recommend you to go because I received a pleasant and friendly treatment and I’m sure that people that are working in this clinic are involved with their job so finally they become a part of your life.

I met my husband 9 years ago and he’s always been a big support in my life, he was by my side in the most delicate moments, he is my biggest strength, an example of value and courage to follow; I admire and love him because he is my friend, my partner and he will be soon the father of our son which is the biggest success we have reached in our life.

semana 36 del embarazo

In just a few weeks I may share my joy with you, introducing my baby but if he’s still lazy it’s possible that I will post another picture of my big belly that I am so proud to show. We will see what happens.



Raquel at 40 weeks of pregnancy

Hello all blog followers, I’m Raquel;

I’m at my 40th week of pregnancy so I can give birth anytime.

Everything is ready for Diego’s arrival and I’m quiet, I have a normal life and even if I feel heavy when I’m moving I’m still independent. I have intensified my antenatal classes because it will help me for my childbirth.

Every week I undergone examination by the midwife and everything is fine, my treasure and I are healthy so I think I will have a natural childbirth and without complications

Little Diego has no more space to move in my belly so I have the feeling he is about to come out. I can’t wait to hug him and fill him with kisses, family and friends are waiting to see his face and it’s simply amazing how much you can love a child before his birth. Mom and dad love Diego since the first moment we find out I was pregnant and it’s impossible to explain what you feel until you live it firsthand.

These last two weeks I feel more tired and I sleep more than I did before, I guess my body demands extra rest for the required superhuman effort to bring Diego into the world.

The big day is coming and I will stop writing on this blog so I want to thank Eva Clinics marketing staff, especially Carolina, for their great job and the opportunity they gave me to express my pregnancy experience.

Besides I want to thank my family and friends who supported me during the whole treatment and pregnancy, encouraging me in the most delicate moments. So I want to tell everyone in my same situation (cannot have a child naturally), when you start a fertility treatment you will be supported by people who love you. Ask for more information in the clinic and you will see that the staff will make you feel comfortable and quiet.

If you are thinking about become a single mother or if you have a partner to share the experience with, go to the clinic to obtain information about the available possibilities to have a child; nowadays it is possible thanks to science and medicine advances, don’t lose your hope and despair at the first time you try.

Goodbye everyone, my next post will be with Diego, here is my last picture of my belly.

Kindest regards



Raquel introduces us Diego!

Hello everyone, I’m Raquel, Diego’s mother.

Finally I can introduce you to my son and share with you what I felt when I hugged him for the first time.

Childbirth was natural, everything was fine and we both feel good.

Diego’s arrival process was in this way:

22.00 I broke waters
24.00 I went to the hospital
02.00 Diego was impatient and wanted to be born so I was taken to the delivery room
03.30 I had Diego and in that particular moment I started thinking of many things: Now I have to love him, protect him, take care of him, pamper him and educate him. It’s difficult to describe with just one adjective what you feel holding your baby for the first time. His smell, his skin, his nose… When I watched him looking for the warmth of my skin I felt the luckiest person in the world. I could not stop looking at him, kissing him and caressing his little body.

Raquel, paciente de Clínicas Eva nos presenta a Diego

I can confirm now that the whole effort was worthy, every year my husband and I spent trying to have a child, all treatments we went through, the bad moments when you cannot have a child, everything which was negative simply disappear when you hold your child in your arms.

Diego gives me the necessary strength to convey with you that don’t have to give up; you have to keep on trying to have a child without losing your hope and you can cry if it does not happen at the first attempt but then dry your tears and keep on trying.

It is not necessarily a direct and consecutive struggle, sometimes it is better to stop and to see things from another point of view. It is what happened to us.

There are two important dates in Diego’s life we want to celebrate:

The first one is October 20th when we found out about Eva Clinics. This makes me think that my baby wanted to be born on the same day their parents knew the Eva Clinics staff that looked after us and made Diego’s arrival possible.

Raquel, paciente de Clínicas Eva nos presenta a Diego

The second date is January 30th when pre-embryos were implanted. On that same day, a couple of years ago my husband and I got married. These two dates will have a double celebration.

When I start talking about my child I would never stop so I wish you to fulfill your dream to have a child like I did.

Cheer up and be positive!

Goodbye everyone by me and my son Diego who will fill my life with happiness. I want to thank again Eva Clinics staff for making my dream come true. It has been a pleasure sharing my experience with you on this blog.

Kind regards,

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