EVA Clinics created EVAOPTION, a special plan designed for all those women and couples whose biggest dream is becoming parents.

Undergoing an assisted reproduction treatment is a marathon. In most cases, more than one cycle is required to achieve the pregnancy so it is important visualizing the treatment with the mindset of a long-term runner. Most times the path is long and you can hit bumps along the road so you need to be emotionally strong to face it and go through different phases until you reach your ultimate goal: the long-desired pregnancy.

EVAOPTION is a new, different and an exclusive approach in assisted reproduction. This project allows you to choose among several options along the entire treatment and according to the results you are going to obtain during the procedure.

EVAOPTION makes you feel that it is worthy trying another attempt in becoming a mother by using your own eggs. As long as there are eggs left, there is still hope. If you wish to try then we don’t want to put obstacles on your path towards your maternity.

It is a customized plan which means important economic savings and you will be always free to decide about the next step. We will be by your side to support every decision and help you to achieve the pregnancy.

What are EVAOPTION advantages?                                  

  • You can choose the best option among the different paths to fulfill you dream of becoming a mother.
  • You will be able to save during the entire treatment.
  • Hope and tranquility: you can make an attempt with your own eggs and have the necessary emotional and economic tranquility to make a decision without being forced to start the procedure again from the beginning and paying its associated costs.

For whom is EVAOPTION recommended?

It is recommended for all those women and couples who don’t want to give up on their dream to become parents by using their own eggs. As long as there are eggs left, there is still hope. EVA respects your right to make the choice.



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