Pregnancy Success Study

Pregnancy Success Study

Many women, like you, seek Fertility Treatment in order to get pregnant. Several studies have shown that infertility affects up to 15% of reproductive-aged population worldwide, this means, one in seven couples are having problems to conceive.

Your chances of getting pregnant from having unprotected sex around the time of ovulation are only 17%. Luckily, the chances of success increase considerably with the help of fertility treatments.

In order to determine your personalised success rate for each treatment cycle, EVA Clinics has developed, in cooperation with our experts, the Pregnancy Success Study.


The EVA Clinics Pregnancy Success Study allows to determine the expected success rates for your specific case. You will receive the results of your study ahead of time and always before the start of your treatment, so that you are fully aware of your chances to achieve a positive outcome at each cycle of treatment.

During your free first medical consultation at EVA Clinics, a Fertility Specialist will focus on your case and will provide you with all the information you require in a simple and clear way, along with further information on the potential diagnosis and the plan for your treatment. Your Fertility Specialist will review any previous tests that you may have had in order to provide a diagnosis of your specific case and recommend any additional tests that may be needed. For further information, go to the Female Fertility Study and the Male Fertility Study site.

Once the test results are available, your Fertility Specialist will offer you a diagnosis and will advise you on the most appropriate treatment for you in order to achieve a successful pregnancy.

Once the most convenient treatment is selected, we will then provide you with your EVA Pregnancy Success Study which will consider different factors such the age, if the fertility problem relates to the man or to the woman and the degree of infertility that you and/or your partner may have (which ranges from severe to mild, or if egg and/or sperm donors are required).

Once we consider all these factors, you will be informed of your chances to become pregnant after your first try, according to the proposed Assisted Reproductive Treatment, and the number of attempts needed to achieve a high pregnancy rate. At EVA Clinics, we are committed to being transparent with our success rates and keeping you informed at all times.

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