How much waiting after a failed treatment?

Do you know how long is required to wait after obtaining a negative beta result? The waiting time can vary depending on the specific treatment; we tell you more about it.

How much waiting after a failed treatments

A common question in fertility’s consultation asked by many women is how much waiting after a negative beta. Unfortunately the baby is not coming and is necessary undergo a new cycle or change the treatment. The wish of having a baby is so strong that many women are afraid to wait forever. Today we are going to solve doubts about this waiting period to start a new assisted reproduction treatment.

How long are you required to wait between two treatments?

The necessary time for a woman to undergo a new assisted reproduction treatment, after a negative beta, it depends on the treatment she has previously undergone. As always as it occurs in medicine, not everything is the same for each patient so it is necessary to identify and personalize every case. In Eva Clinics we are expert in personalized treatment, the same gynecologist will guide the patient during the whole treatment. With this modus operandi, the specialist will assess the possible options for the patient in the best possible way. Nevertheless, even if each case is different there are general waiting times.

If the woman is undergoing Artificial Insemination there is a lower waiting time because the reproduction treatment is simpler.

In case of In Vitro Fertilisation patient will need to wait a little longer to undergo a new treatment. It may be between one to three months, always depending on the woman. If the ovaries gave a good response and may have leftover of previous ovarian stimulation (during IVF ovaries are stimulated to produce more follicles). In this case it would be better to wait for them to come back to a rest per