Tips for pregnancy in summer

pregnancy in summer

If you are pregnant thanks to an assisted reproduction treatment, such as IVF, now that summer has come you have certainly heard more than once about how it can be difficult carrying on a pregnancy in summer. Don’t worry, at Eva we think about everything so we leave you some tips to deal with the pregnancy to make you enjoy the experience of being a future mother.

Tips to enjoy your pregnancy in summer

We know that during the summer heat it may be harder dealing with the extra weight gain. However, summer it also means vacation so take the most of those days to relax and get away from the frenetic life pace, rest and change the office for the beach of pool. Just be careful with the sun and do not forget your sunscreen. Furthermore, light and fresh meals are preferred such as fruit, salad which is great for the diet of pregnant women. An energizing breakfast will help you to start the day with power.

Do not forget to practice moderate exercise. For instance, swimming is very good option since it will helps you to ease the lower back pain and swelling produced by pregnancy and it keeps you fresh.  If you are going to the beach: avoid getting into the water if the sea is very choppy because you could fall and hurt yourself. If you get bored at home, you can also go to a mall or spend an afternoon to the movie theatre where you will find a cooler temperature and it will keep you entertained.

Remember to go for your check up and enjoy the moment: you are finally going to be a mom!

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