How to face a negative result?

negative result

After weeks, months and even years of dreaming about being pregnant, when the day of the pregnancy test finally arrives, the result is negative. It is a hard blow which is difficult to explain to those people who have not gone through this. A negative result does not mean that you are not going to be parents, but after one or several unsuccessful attempts, it is natural and human to be frustrated and scared.

From the moment in which a woman or a couple undergoes an assisted reproduction treatment to have a baby, many emotions takeover such as: happiness, hope and uncertainty. These emotions diminish when there are repeated negative results. In these moments, the desire comes face to face with reality and new feelings arise: anger, guilt and even envy. To deal with them, here you have 5 helpful tips:

Take your time. It is totally natural to collapse, you are living a hard and difficult moment to accept. Everyone reacts differently and needs time to accept it and regain confidence. Meanwhile, take care of you, relax and unwind from the routine to recover both physically and mentally.

Avoid feelings of guilt. The success of assisted reproduction treatments depends on several factors that are beyond our control. The final result depends on many variables related to the medical history, the life habits of the patient, the eggs and sperm quality, the uterus and the quality of the embryos.

Share your emotions. Say how you are feeling, either to your partner – who will also definitely need to show his feelings – or tell your closest friends and your family. It can also help participating in a support group where you can share and express your feelings with people who have gone through the same experience as you.

Choose the right time to talk about it. Previously we said that each person needs time to recover, but it is also necessary doing it on your own way. Some people need to talk about what they have experienced and how they are facing it, but others feel uncomfortable when family or friends ask them about it. Clarify it to your surrounding if you do not want to answer many questions and choose to talk about it only when you are ready.

Seek support. You can experience many emotions during a short period of time: the desire to have a baby and the fact of not achieving it, accepting the possibility of needing the assistance of assisted reproduction and facing a negative result. In EVA Clinics we are aware of this so we recommend our patients the option of receiving psychological support.

Although during this cycle the expected result was not achieved, specialists will focus on making the necessary changes on the next cycle to finally succeed.

And before you know it, you will regain the hope again. Remember: a negative result does not mean that you are not going to be a parent.

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