How to overcome hcg blood test wait?

hcg blood test wait

The hcg pregnancy test, also known as the “waiting period” between the ultimate phase of the treatment (embryo transfer or intrauterine insemination), up until the day in which the pregnancy or hcg test is performed. Approximately 2 weeks later you can obtain the result of the test. The hcg blood test wait will be characterized by uncertainty, anxiety and stress due to the impossibility to discover the result immediately. If you are going through these emotions, here are 8 tips to face the hgc blood test wait  in the best way possible:

  • Try not to become isolated, spend time with your family, friend and/or partner and perform stimulating activities.
  • Lead a normal lifestyle as much as possible.  Do not quit doing your normal hobbies and work activities. In this way, you can keep your mind busy by focusing on an objective and you will feel that time passes faster.
  • Give some space to your emotions; do not try to avoid them. You can talk about it to your partner or a trustworthy person. Encourage communication and express your emotions and feelings. Nevertheless, try to change the topic of your conversations in order to avoid they are only about the pregnancy test so you can focus on other things too.
  • Introduce some relaxation techniques into your daily routine, breathing exercises to control the stress level and clear up your mind to generate a sense of well-being.
  • Another way to relieve stress is practicing healthy habits such as moderate sport (organized roads, hiking, yoga, etc.) and maintaining a healthy diet.
  • Make plans during the weeks following the result.
  • Avoid looking for changes in your body or symptoms constantly. Each body is different from anyone else and symptoms may vary depending on the person.

If you are living the hcg blood test wait with your partner, remember that everyone reacts and face emotions differently, a mutual respect and support are fundamental although there are some differences between each other.

Embrace these tips into your daily life to acquire a more relaxed attitude even if it is inevitable feeling the anxiety caused by the uncertainty of some moments, you can reduce your stress by sharing the experience with other people and remembering that you are not alone.

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