Healthy habits which help improving fertility

Useful healthy habits for women which are looking for a pregnancy and want to improve their fertility. Note down the advice given by our specialist !

Useful healthy habits for women which are looking for a pregnancy and want to improve their fertility. Note down the advice given by our specialist.

What are the habits which help improving fertility?

improving fertility

Be careful with stress. It is your big enemy!

Stress favors the production of cortisol hormone which stops the LH hormone releasing (Luteinizing hormone). This hormone is produced during the ovulation period so ovulation disorders can appear in much stressed women who can develop a chronic condition known as Functional hypothalamic amenorrhea where the menstruation disappears completely. It is also important trying to sleep more than 8 hours per night: melatonin is released while sleeping at night; its correct secretion affects fertility.

If you want to get pregnant, stop smoking now!

Nicotine reduces uterine and ovarian vascularity and it negatively impacts on ovarian reserve and embryo implantation. Tobacco addiction has a bad impact on man too. Men who smoke more than 10 cigarettes per day are affected by a decrease in sperm motility so they have to quit smoking.

A glass of wine per week is harmless

Drinking alcohol once in a while has no negative impact on fertility when we talk about one or two glasses of wine per week at most. There is a study which has shown up that one glass of red wine reduces uterine contractions. However, the excess of alcohol is associated with an increase on miscarriage rate during the first trimester and fetal anomalies.

Sport is indispensable

Evidence suggests that being overweight and obesity are associated with an increase in miscarriage rates during the first trimester and implantation failure so sport activity is essential. Cardio exercises help lose weight. Yoga and Pilates strengthen the pelvic floor and abdominals which is very important for pregnancy and post labor recovery.

Super foods to improve fertility

There are studies which have proven that Vitamin D favors embryo implantation, especially during winter when we are less exposed to sun so we need to eat foods rich in Vitamin D. For example, salmon and tuna fish (it is better if they are raw), tofu and soya milk. In regards to men, foods rich in antioxidants help improving sperm motility. Blueberry, dried fruits, legumes, citrus fruits, grape and sardines are antioxidant foods which should be not omitted in daily diet.

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