In Vitro Fertilization cost: what factors do affect the price?

The cost for In Vitro Fertilization is an important element to take into consideration when looking for an Assisted Reproduction center.

When a woman or a couple decides to go through an assisted reproduction treatment in order to achieve the pregnancy, one of the first steps consists of seeking information about the fees from several clinics. Long waiting lists and limits in the woman’s age in the public centers push most of the people go the private clinics. The price of In vitro fertilization procedure varies from one clinic to another but they are all characterized by some common factors to perform the procedure.

The humanity of the team, the facilities and the laboratory material are some of the factors which affect the price of the Assisted Reproduction treatments.


The facilities have a great responsibility on the treatment’s results. Therefore, the laboratories are required to rely on the latest technologies and a constant progress. When we talk about “facilities” we do not only refer to the laboratory but also to the operating room, embryo cryopreservation room, embryo freezing zone and other necessary departments to carry out the various procedures. Since different biological samples are handled in the laboratory, it is essential maintaining these areas under appropriate environmental conditions. For instance, they must be sterilized in order to avoid alterations in temperature and humidity in addition to have optimal CO2 levels, etc. It is also necessary installing a ventilation system to establish a sterile indoor environment.

Medical team and specialists

The assisted reproductive treatments are complex procedures so it is very important counting on high qualified specialists in assisted reproduction who will guide the patient before, during and after the entire procedure.

  • Medical team: made up of gynaecologists and anesthetists who are present during the treatment
  • Psychological counseling services: Undergoing IVF process entails a huge emotional effort for the woman or the couple so the psychologists will help the patient to face the situation by maintaining an optimistic attitude.
  • Embryologists
  • Assistant nursing staff
  • Customer service

All these factors have a direct impact on the price of In Vitro Fertilization process.

At Eva Clinics we always offer special prices and promotions to our patients. According to our philosophy, our medical consultations are always free because we believe that everyone has the right to receive information and solve any doubts about assisted reproduction. For this reason, it is possible arranging a consultation before paying the fertility treatments.

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