Recommendations from the transfer until the Beta day

The embryo transfer is a crucial step of In Vitro Fertilization. Then there is the beta waiting time which is the moment from embryo transfer until the Beta day. Do you know the recommendations to follow within this period?

Recommendations from the transfer until the Beta day

Embryo transfer is a decisive moment of In Vitro Fertilisation treatment. It is a crucial phase that takes place approximately 72 hours after follicular puncture and when it is performed it determines the treatment’s success or not. The transfer consists in collocating embryo into the uterus with a specific thin catheter. From this moment, stars a period of long waiting and nervousness. It is recommendable following a series of specific options from embryo transfer until Beta day, moment known as beta waiting.

Recommendations until the Beta day

From embryo transfer day until beta day breakdown moments are very common. It is the countdown moment to find out if the beta is positive. The pregnancy test is performed 15 days after the transfer phase.

During the period from the transfer until the beta day you should only be taking medication recommended by the gynecologist during the treatment. If woman experiences some disturbs during beta waiting, like headache, toothache, or any kind of condition it is advisable to consult a specialist in order to be sure what she can or cannot take.

During beta waiting you can follow a normal lifestyle but avoiding big efforts like heavy physical exercises and mostly keep calm and relax.

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