Becoming a mother after 40

mother after 40

The pressure of modern life can make women delay motherhood. Either because we wish to build up our careers, need financial and/or emotional stability or live abroad for a temporary period…deciding the right time to have a baby is sometimes overwhelming. During the last decade, the number of women becoming mothers after 40 (and beyond) has tripled and Spain is one of the countries in Europe in which more first-time mothers over 40 are registered. However, even though most women decide to postpone motherhood for later in life, the truth is that unfortunately the biological clock cannot be reversed.

As the body ages, the oocytes age as well. From a biological point of view, a woman’s fertility remains intact up to the age of 27, and then begins to decrease. Then, over the age of 35, egg quality dramatically declines. From one hand, it might be more difficult to get pregnant and, from the other, if you do get pregnant, there could be more risks of miscarriage or having a ch