I Love My Mummies – Everything You Need to Know About Shared Motherhood

The forms of families have changed and the traditional family is no longer the norm. To commemorate the International Coming Out Day,  we have prepared this post to raise awareness for lesbian couples who wish and have the right to start a family. Lesbian couples can pursue a family with essentially the same assisted reproduction … Read more

Becoming a mother after 40

The pressure of modern life can make women delay motherhood. Either because we wish to build up our careers, need financial and/or emotional stability or live abroad for a temporary period…deciding the right time to have a baby is sometimes overwhelming. During the last decade, the number of women becoming mothers after 40 (and beyond) … Read more

How to face a negative result?

After weeks, months and even years of dreaming about being pregnant, when the day of the pregnancy test finally arrives, the result is negative. It is a hard blow which is difficult to explain to those people who have not gone through this. A negative result does not mean that you are not going to … Read more