Embryoscope: Time-Lapse Monitoring for Embryo Selection


What Is the EmbryoScope? What Are the Benefits?

The Embryoscope is an advanced incubator for continuous monitoring and recording of embryo development. The incubator is equipped with a camera for video imaging, known as ‘Time-Lapse’ imaging, that allows for direct 24 hours observation, at different angles.

The incubator maintains the necessary physiological conditions and the time-lapse system takes pictures of each embryo at regular intervals, every 10 minutes.

What Are the Benefits of Using the Embryoscope?

  • The Embryoscope offers more valuable information about the embryos and the timing of cell division at early cleavage stages.
  • Another advantage is that it improves culture conditions and there is minimal handing of the embryos, which can improve the chances for pregnancy. The conventional method of embryo selection involved examining the embryo outside the incubator around every 24 hours to check embryo development. This technique allowed for one photograph only, and by taking the embryo out of the incubator, embryo development could be compromised due to the exposure to light and the changes in temperature. The Embryoscope provides stable culture environment. Between each photograph – taken every 10 minutes – the time-lapse imaging system automatically disconnects to avoid prolonged exposure to electromagnetic effects.
  • The information received through the Embryoscope incubator improves embryo selection before transfer. Thanks to the enhanced level of assessment of embryo development, the embryologists can identify the best embryos for transfer.
  • Additionally, the time-lapse cinematographic analysis, a record on film of the beginning of the future baby’s life and a nice memory for the future parents.

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