tecnica macs

The cutting-edge assisted reproductive techniques are applied at Eva Clinics in order to improve the selection of gametes and achieve better success rates in fertility treatments.  MACS technique is a new proven system to select sperm.

MACS technique, Magnetic Activated Cell Sorting allows selecting the ideal and healthy spermatozoa in order to separate them from those characterized by apoptotic markers (which are the ones supposed to die before the egg fertilization) to finally fertilize the oocyte.

What does MACS technique consist of?

MACS technology is based on magnetic nanoparticles which are used together with the Annexin V protein which allows detecting several markers of the sperm membrane (spermatozoa usually provide very useful information in assisted reproduction).

The markers which were detected by MACS are used to identify sperm with high fragmented genetic material. This characteristic of gametes is transmitted through a low fertilization percentage and embryo implantation.

Consequently, after applying the MACS technique to the sperm sample and keeping it under incubation period, the magnetic nanoparticles detect and block the apoptotic sperm that is those spermatozoa with high DNA fragmentation in order to only let go the healthy and viable embryos for the fertilization.  As a result, there is an increase on pregnancy rates.

When is this technique recommended?

MACS technology can go with other techniques intended to achieve the pregnancy and it is recommended in the following particular cases:

  • Couples where the man is affected by high DNA fragmentation in sperm
  • Couples with recurrent miscarriage
  • Couples who already underwent IVF cycle and despite their good ovarian reserve they didn’t obtain the pregnancy in the assisted reproductive treatment.

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